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I would be interested to know how the Islander 65 is doing in the Seychelles?

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DATE 12 JUNE 2021

Andy Smith occasionally will return an email, He has had to find another yard, But here is the deal Wharram will only allow the Islander to be built by a PRO Yard, and guess who the Pro Yard is, LOL it is ANDY...I have for almost 2 years pursued Wharram on the Islander 55/65 with no results.  This is a dream they DO NOT want to SELL.  I have given up and will do the build and design myself. End of that Story,  I am a boat designer/builder and have done all I can do to support Wharram.  I do not know what the secret is on selling plans for the Islander but i suspect there are no plans just a set down and a napkin mixed in with good boat building principles and over build. which is perfectly fine.  The girls in the office at Wharram is not selling plans they are selling dreams, So if anyone in the Wharram office reads this remember I was the one who accidentially got one of your inner emails sent to me by accident referencing  me as ( SOME GUY ) well that guy has a name and it is DeWayne Young, dewayne.young AT me.com. Only a few weeks ago Andy and I was communicating and if he would have answered my last email he would infact be building 2 hulls right now !!!! So Andy is your Bloody LOSS!!!! If anyone wants my version of a 50 foot plus Cat I WILL MAKE FULL PLANS and DATA available free and OPEN SOURCE with full CAD and hydrostatics, the name of the Boat design is OUCH!!! 


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