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I would be interested to know how the Islander 65 is doing in the Seychelles?

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Good question! I "Googled" it myself a few times but found nothing after its build. Would be good to hear an up-date. Unfortunately the Seychelles has fallen within range of "the Somali Coastguard" so that in itself may put a damper on any boating activity.
I'm not a big cat owner, but I played some of my contacts in the Seychelles. The Islander 65 is NOT registered in the Seychelles under it's original name "les gilles de l'esperance". May be the boat is in Madagascar. May be the builder A. Smith in the Philippines knows more about the whereabouts. Cheers Wave

WaveDancer, it' s name is " Les Ailes de l' esperance" which translantes to " the wings of hope" .

Cannot access A. Smith' s site for at least twelve months , maybe longer.

Thanks for the effort!

Not a big cat owner either, just curious.

Cheers mate.

I can access Andy Smiths website no problem, there is a few good photos of it there, but they were taken on its launch.

I heard it lost its mizen mast half way accross the Indian Ocean on it's way home to the Seychelles, haven't heard anything since.

Aah, bad luck or a squall?

Wonder why i cannot access it, must be something on my side!


Here's the link http://www.andy-smith-boatworks.com/

They lost the mast due to over tightened shrouds I heard.

Still cannot access their site, must have some wrong settings on my computer....

Bad luck!

Are you thinking of getting an Islander 65 built? Chris Bone http://wharrambuilders.ning.com/profile/ChrisBone?xg_source=profile... is looking to comission one for Ocean Watch http://www.oceanswatch.org/.

Not in the immediate future but i was under the impression they where having one built?

What is the deal on this?

No idea, you'd have to ask Chris.


Hello Jean Marie

how are the Seychelles. Is your Islander operating (charter) now?

How is the security situation? We actually wanted to shuttle from Thailand to the Seychelels forth an back, but the situation is unclear.

May be you know more. How about the situation reg. the outer islands?




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