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You Might Be Building A Tiki 46 On Your Own if.........

  1. You never, ever, ever, look more than one page ahead in the construction booklet.

  2. Paint doesn't look so much like a beautiful finish, but more of a sunblock.

  3. You've been building so long that your original 10 foot job(how far away you have to stand for the finish to look good)  is still a 10 foot job, as your eyes have aged.

  4. Good enough is   WAY too good.

  5. You walk around mumbling, “ i should have built the 38!!”

  6. You've already had to do some maintenance due to the age of the boat.

  7. The boat is on it's 5th Name.

  8. You look at all the boats you've passed on that cost less than the build.

  9. You started and finished at least 3 meaningful relationships.

  10. You don't even try to talk your current girlfriend into the sailing life because odds are, it won't be with her.

  11. You have moved it at least twice WITHOUT launching.

  12. You regret building a temporary tent.

  13. You regret telling ANYONE about your boat build.(they are starting to feel sorry for me)

  14. You have passed at least 3 completion deadlines.

  15. You start to take better care of yourself so you can still sail at 70.

  16. You change the decor plans from posh to camp.

  17.   You've lost things you bought for the boat, somewhere.

  18.   Things you've bought are out of date....Cd players, Vhs TV, etc.

  19.   Your significant other is sick of hearing, “ I GOTTA GO WORK ON THE BOAT”

  20. You bought another boat to sail in the mean time, so you dont' forget how to sail.

  21. You drive an old car, rent your house,  have no savings, and are looking at income-while-sailing opportunities.

  22. Your relatives are nudging you on, hoping to still be alive for a sail.



  25. please continue, even if it's not a 46 you are building.

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Mike Haromy said:

So, i'm working on the boat yesterday, and someone comes up to me and asks, "How is the restoration going?" and, "When are you going to get her back in the water???"

i've got to launch this boat next summer!

I had some happy soul say the same thing to me last week,although because I am now building next to a dirt road plus no rain for six weeks makes for a lot of dust and anything will look buggered after having so much dust around.I did not know wether to laugh or cry.

Remember all in this south summer. Me too.i've got to launch this boat next summer!

LOL. (wince)

andy solywoda said:

"i've got to launch this boat next summer!"

You said that last summer....

You can spread cream cheese on a toasted bagel better than anyone you know.

All the joints on the yellowed plan sheets are backed with duct tape and i'm actually considering paying for another copy of the plans, or get an egyptologist to decipher them.

39.  You have started having dreams about a cabin in the woods with hull shaped roofs since building all those other bits like beams and masts seems overly daunting.

40. The countries you had planned to visit when you started are no longer friendly to cruisers or are underwater from climate change.

41. .....you've ended up like this and the only thing that has changed in the last twenty years is they cut down the trees that were in the way of your launch, built condos on both sides of your site and the blackberry bushes have taken over. 

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