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Hopefully you will see this post.

I see in a photo of your galley that you have a Wreko cooker? It seems almost unbelievable, but according to their web site, http://weichendesign.com/filter/Product-Design/WRECO-Gas-Cooker it claims that "WRECO Gas Cooker is an innovative filter gas cooker which can filter the scran and transform the waste cooking oil (wco) into combustible for the gas stove to provide fire during cooking. It makes things easier when dealing with kitchen waste. Reusing the wasted cooking oil not only avoids health and social problem caused by swill-cooked dirty oil but contributes to the environment by cutting the way of dirty oil back to nature as well. Moverover it reduce your gas bill"

How well does it work? 

Thanks - Rusty

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hallo rusty,

 i hope you are not as rusty as my wreko cooker. i had to change /replace all matal parts against SS parts (selfmade). our cooker looks nice but is realy shit... first: the flames are much to close togeather. if you want to cook for 5 people ( bigger pot), there is no space to use the two big flames in the same time.

quality of material.... lala all metal Emalia parts are already dead after 2 years... the front gas valve are to close together... very difficult to clean... the glas plate looks nice but we never close it... stove is anyway clean all the time and in use...\

 next time:we will have a bigger one which can accommodate at least 2 big pot in one time. better to have 2 big flames then 3 flames (2 big and 1 small). the small flame we never use...

good thing... the gas of switch works very well. if the flames goes of, it switches of ... that is very important....

the new wreko cooker with old oil bla bla... hmmm nice toy but would not work for us... we do not have so much old oil.... could it burn engine oil....? hahahhaha

go for simple, quality and fully S steel...

 bone apetite


PS: convert you engine to be able to use bio or cooking oil too.... that's easier...

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