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Hello all,I have bought the plans for the wharram wind vane,my reding of earlier posts suggests this works great,but as per usual i have some questions.

.how to work out the surface area of the rudders to get a trim tab to be 20% of the rudder area.

.best size air paddle for the t26.

.Where to mount the vane on the boat.

cheers paul the mathematically challenged one.

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Ahoy Capn Paul,

     If you can download this:



It will have a ton of good information about wind vane dimensions.  Trim tabs are covered, it's very thorough. 

Thanks Andy for the heads up mate.

trim tab with 25%

mount in aft beam (4 beam)

this vane have 55cm, but I will do one bigger and test all.

Rogerio I started making the trim tabs yesterday,my vane is 1mx200mmx400,I shall make one for stronger wind conditions too,I made the vane out of4mm foam with glass as Dave Vinni reccomends.

I see the pdf file...my next vane will be more lighter, but this size 1x0,2x0,4 is too big, Haneeke uses 93 cm in Spirit of Gaia rudders !! And recomend new sizes for smaller boats. I will try 50cm and 75cm.

That's a great reference.

Hi Rogerio: which size turned out to work best for your Tiki 30?

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