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   Hi all, our latest vessel WHY NOT? built from scratch in 5 days

very cool boat, it's true proas really don't need rudders, you steer by moving the clr, go forward, she heads up, go aft she bears away.....

   the oceanic lateen, is very powerful off wind, but will work very well to windward too. I'm very happy with the overall performance, and yes HE'S FAST.

 All d best from Balkan Shipyards.


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Love your work mate. Looking at the vid,I wonder if placement of the mast closer to the ama might increase performance?

   Hi Paul, Yes it would. it would help solving down wind proa issues....

  Proas sailing down wind generate heavy weather helm, as the rig is hanging to one side and the boat the the other. under these circumstances your CE is to the side of your CLR. the wind will turn the CE around the CLR.

  Stepping the mast closer to the ama will help solve off wind sailing with out rigger canoes, but now you are adding stress to a no stress vessel....

  Proas are low stress because their masts are stepped on the vaka, allowing them to have simple akas and very simple rigging.

  To me those are good enough reasons to leave things as they always were.

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