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Wharram Builders and Friends like to meet here on the website, but we also like to meet on the water boat to boat and in our sheds face to face.  It would be interesting to have an easy way to locate builders and boats around the globe without having to search through the very long members list.  For us, it would be helpful to have a map of the US east coast with little dots we could click on to get the name of the builder there so we can see if a visit is possible.  I have never yet been aboard a Wharram that is not extremely interesting.  Can this be done?  Are others interested?  We are in Bahamas in winter and Rhode Island in summer and would welcome all Wharramites.  Ann and Nev

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we are here:


 and getting ready to cross the Indian ocean. we spend now one year in Asia. Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand... time to go. it was nice. very different in culture, food, etc. but it is nor area for people who like to sail. NO wind. with out a engine, you are lost.

cost of living are very low but if you need parts for the boat or a service on the hard, then you pay big time. the prices went up at 30% march 2013. a haul out for or tiki46 cost Thailand ca 500 US dollar. the same like in NZ. anti fouling was cheaper in NZ.

if you need work done on the boats, be award that the quality of the local worker will never reach the standards like in NZ, USA or Europe. yes, they are cheaper but>>>> you get what you pay..... and at the end of the day, there is still the question if to got what you ask for... we spoke to many sailors here about this and they all said the same...

 best place for us was Penang and the cheapest place to life was  the Philippines. the coolest place to deal with the officials (immigration etc) was Malaysia. the best food in Thailand.

it was nice to make a stop here but now it's time to keep going.

 cheers hans

Madagascar next?

Thank you Hans; you brought back delightful childhood memories mentioning Penang Island. My Dad was in the RAAF and stationed in Butterworth, we lived on the Island and quite often, as an 8/9 year old I would hoof it down to the fishing villages on the beach and hang out with the locals, go to their temples etc. Oh bugger me I want to return, sooo different to our western culture and lifestyle. Again thank you!

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