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Hi To All Wharram Cat Owners,

I am now nearing completion of my Captain Cook Pahi 42 here in the Southern Cape of South Africa. I need to make a decision on the type of rig I am going to use and would appreciate the input from owners who have experience and would value your advice. I have taken over a half completed project and have inherited a completed wooden mast made of Douglas Fir according to JWD plans of the bermudan rig, however this mast must have been lying in wet grass while in storage, and I have found dry rot, and split timbers in places. It was glassed both on the inside and out, but the expanding timbers split the outside layer of glass and allowed water in. I have tried to repair these but keep finding new problem areas. In short I do not trust it and need to rethink my options? If I now go the route of purchasing an aluminium mast I can go the route of Bermudan cutter, Wharram wingsail or crabclaw? I intend using my Wharram, mainly short handed, with just my wife and myself, in open ocean cruising, mainly in Indian Ocean waters, but in the longer term to visit Indonesia and Asia. What are the pros and cons of each type of rig? Another owner of a Pahi 42 has told me that his Captain Cook, which used an aluminium masted Bermudian style rig had excessive weather helm...? (He also noted that his boat did not have the daggerboards) I like the look of, and the thinking behind the low aspect nature of the schooner wingsail layout, but I have read that this is not suitable for my boat? Your thoughts and comments would be appreciated. Regards, Graham Anley.

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hi Graham,

i built a 42ft in Parrow and sailed it to Madagascar in Nov 2013

Mail me at driesdej@gmail.com

Dries de Jager

Hi Dries,

Will send you a mail. My plans are to complete her in the next two months and sail her here in local waters this year and head  to west coast of Madagascar in Aril 218.

Regards Graham.

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