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Could someone measure and tell me the flare angle or V angle of a Tiki 26 hull? Thanks

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Buy a set of plans.Thanks.

Hi Paul!

Thanks for the quick reply though not exactly the one I need!

I just bought a second hand Tiki 26 and need get it out of the water and onto a trailer. I need to know the flare angle to build a set of horses to hold the hulls upright. The plans are with the boat which is 40km away.


Wish you a Happy New Year 2017!

In my boat is 60 degrees, a measure taken at 180 cm from the vertical of the bow, or at 80 cm from the beginning of the keel.

It is very difficult to me to make a measure in the middle of the boat, but it seems to be the same 60 degrees.

Thanks Andrés,

muchas gracias por la información.

Creo que me bastará para hacer el soporte.

Creo que el ángulo del casco se queda el mismo a lo largo de la quilla.

Te deseo un Feliz Año Nuevo.


I'ts a nice surprise to find that you speak spanish!

It's difficult to me to write in english, but if you have other questions you can send me a private message and I can answer in spanish or a mixture of english and spanish.

En la primer foto adjunta, la medida del ańgulo la tomé en donde el carro se une al casco. La segunda foto es más antigua, y muestra el carro en el medio del barco. Ahora acabo de medir el ángulo de la V del carro y es de 70 grados, así que yo usaría esa medida para construir el soporte.

Feliz año para ti también.



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