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Today, we have finalized an agreement with one of the largest and most respected sail lofts in the world to make new and replacement sails for Wharram Catamarans, brand labeled for us. We will also be able to offer sails for other boats as well. This respected loft has been contracted in the past to make sails for some of the biggest names in sails, including Hood and Quantum, and is still making sails for some of the most popular brands. The loft makes sails for small one designs all the way up to mega yachts.

Historically, Budget Boater has worked with this loft since 2003 to have the highest quality Wharram Wingsails made for personal projects as well as our professional projects with great success.

From this agreement, we will be able to offer individual sails, full suits, and custom light air sails for any Wharram rig, as well as any other sailboat rig or modified sail plan, and we can ship worldwide.

At this time, all pricing will be in US Dollars. However we are working on arrangements to be able to convert foreign currency into US Dollars at rates far below bank exchange and wire transfer rates. But this is still a work in progress, and for now expect to pay in US Dollars.

We expect our pricing to be below average, possibly saving up to 30% over comparable lofts. This lower price is not a reflection of lower quality, but is due to our ability to leverage production and exchange rates. The quality will be the highest available anywhere.

If you are interested getting a quote, please submit your sail plan (high quality PDF works best) and any other requirements, as well as the Ship To address to: Builder(at)BudgetBoater.com

Quote and lead times are dependent upon seasonal factors. Historically, allow three months for orders, but this could be less or more depending on various factors.

NOTE: Anyone who has a sail plan that might want sails in the future should send a copy so that it can be put in the system in advance. This will allow us to rapidly create quotes and start production more quickly for orders. At this time, Tiki 21, Tiki 30, Tiki 38, Tiki 46, Pahi 63, and Narai Ketch are in the system. All other sail plans are requested.

Photos are below in another post

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The sail loft I used is no longer reliable. I am searching for a new loft. I will reopen the discussion if that becomes reality.


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