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What do you experienced builders make of this Tiki 38 for sale on ebay?





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It appears as though it did not sell - No Bids. I wonder if it has been relisted somewhere?

Hi all,

Am new here.

Have just looked at boat!

It is very straight and well done meaning good hulls and beams. (needs a few things re-doing, but small).

I have seen the plans and they were baught from a person in S.Africa. The plans and drawings do not include a sail or rigging plan! Is this normal?

Each plan that is sold should have a sail no. correct or not?

If so where is the sail no. recorded.

I want to buy this boat, but some info is missing I think.

Can anyone help me?


Hi Paul,


Our Tiki 46 plans came in a black folder which had the hull number taped to the outside. Inside, there were 2 books - a general building instruction guide which also had the hull number on it, and a large bound book that had more detailed instructions. There were also 10 large sheets of detailed plans. The last one of these sheets was the sail plan.


Hope this helps



If the plans are complete they should include a sail plan and a unique hull number. Maybe these plans were used for another build, maybe the sail plans are just missing?

Thanks guys for your help.

All I saw were 2 plans and 2 build books.

I did not see any number and obviously there is a lot missing.

I am a boat builder and have baught plans before, which arroused my suspisions.

I have contacted Wharram and they are asking for more info, which I cannot provide.

I guess the way forward, is to make the owner a bid and then buy a full set of plans from Wharram.

Any comments?

That would be the honorable thing to do.

Since you can't say for sure if another boat had been built from the plans, and the owner had purchased them from someone else, there is no way of knowing if you are "legal" or not. I don't think you'll be able to purchase the missing portions from Wharram without assuring him that no other boat has been built with the same hull number.  Unless you're very confident in how the boat should be put together it'd probably be smarter to buy new plans.

Just be sure to have your offer reflect the 1350 pounds you'll be shelling out for the new plans.



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