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Wondering if anyone had the experience of reducing the thickness of Ply to lose weight at a Tiki 21

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Thanks Kristian,


The ply rudders weight very little. I think the tiller arms and the link arm weight more. If you want to go so fast, why build a Wharram? The Tiki 21 is a great coastal boat and great for exploring rivers, it's quite fast enough for it's design purpose.

Never enough!


Richard Woods built some of his designs in 4mm ply for racing and they have lasted well apparently. But I agree with Ian, if you are going to start from scratch, better to build a boat designed for performance not cruising.

Yes, maybe
but, Tiki 21 has some very nice features
I intend to have a fast cruise
I am exploring some possibilities
best regards

For me, I could save more time than I could gain through performance, by teaching the family how to get packed and in the car a bit quicker!

Teaching the family how to get packed and in the car a bit quicker!
It is another form of performance.
Ultimately the performance is a combination of factors .

my advice is the short trouser , easy to put on and faster , for all the family,  an lighter ?


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