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Hello all - Just bought Tiki 30 and webbing belts don't seem very tight. Any ideas or explanations on "how tight " they should be.

Thanks - Darrell

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Hello Ralf - Yes, they are fabricated from tube/pipe. In addition the webbing has only 1 layer over tube with 3 layers over rest of job sewn together.- Darrell
Just a technical note: pipe has a substantially thicker wall than tube, and is correspondingly much stronger.

Thank you Darrell, I get the picture. I will certainly use the pipe with the thickest wall I can find.  But I need to think about the whole thing.


Hi all, just found this thread. Was interested in the boat at one stage and downloaded these photo's amounst others. Ralf, you may have already seen trhem but just in case you haven't here they are. Obviously one is a mock up. Darrell, enjoy the boat she looks like a beauty.



I use line .I have pulled it so tight it crushed the skin on top of the beams making repairs nessesary  I add extra glass on top and corners of the beams .anyway keep an eye on it cause it takes a couple of years to show.

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