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Boat must have credentials, 90's or newer with recent survey and in turn key condition. 

I have 2.8 Ha olive farm with sea views of the Ebro Delta to trade for boat. Property is one mile from the sea as the crow flies. 3 miles to L' Ampolla or El Perello in the other direction. The caseta/ruin was claimed on the escritura and guarantees a building permit for up to 150 sq. meters. Larger building is possible I am told. The land is very private with most sides of the property surrounded by state land/forest. Electricity mains are available now. There is a large cistern or possibility to drill a well. This is not a built up Ex-Pat area. You will notice high end holiday mansion developments throughout the area. Even remote beaches have freshwater showers here. Tarragona/Reus is 45 minutes by car. High speed and traditional rail stations are nearby. 2 hours to Barcelona or Valencia by car. Very,very private property. Your boat should be worth at least 65K Euro. I have owned this property 12+ years no hassle. 

It shouldn't take long to figure out 65K is a bargain price for almost 10 acres with sea-views and access to Mains Electricity. My title/ Escritura is clear. Yours should be too! No Shanananigans. Also this land will still be above sea level after the Glaciers are melted.

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Hi Neil,

Greetings from Ireland. We don't actually live in Spain at all. We bought that property around 2002 on speculation and have yet to do anything with it. Below is a Google Earth image that shows the property shaded. If you put image that next to real time google earth you can zoom in to plainly see the property boundary. Electricity was not available back then but is now. There are no improvements except for the 200 year old terraces and olive, carob and almond trees and a large cistern. The Caseta/ house is in ruins. These Casetas would only have been used for habitation during the harvest time. Most farmers lived in the village the rest of the year. From mountains to the sea there is plenty to see and do. 

Our idea was to make a campground geared toward eco/adventure/gastro/fishing/hunting/birding tourism. If you look in to the Ebro River Delta area you will see there is much to see and do, especially with local knowledge. I know where some 17,000 year old cave paintings are for example. There are also caves and other really cool places too!

We never visit in the Summer but I understand this is the place where Barcelonans get away from it all. The town of L'Ampolla swells from 2000 to 20,000 during peak months I am told. The Swiss seem to like it there and we have run in to quite a few British as well. We ran in to one of the girls from Coronation Street who apparently has a property nearby. Liza would know who it was...I've personally never watched it. The Ebro Delta is the second most important estuarine system on the Mediterranean behind the Nile Delta and definitely worth a visit. Have a look on G. Earth.. Notice the new marinas in freshwater...

The property transfer was straightforward. Fortunately we found a Notario who spoke English. We did not go through an estate agent. A Notario is the one who sends the paperwork off to Madrid and will advise of any liens or restrictions. Since ours was agricultural land we had to get a NIF number. ThinkSpain.com  is a good website where you can find out more. You will also see similar properties to ours for sale all over the country. 

Turns out I had already watched your videos on youtube. You're only just breaking her in! Happy Sailing!

Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Greg Stewart


Neil.... Just in case: If you ever consider selling Gleda sent me a mail first :-)

That's what I would do if I were you. Keep going' Neil, Gail and Gleda. Someone must keep going. Some of us live vicariously through you. Some of us love your commitment. You give us hope and keep our dreams alive. Thankyou,


Yes please! keep going. Remember this post from you. Make sure the cleat meets its purpose....

... I think I took this thread to the wrong direction now... sorry Greg.

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