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Wanted to purchase a Pahi 42 to 50 footer, or Tiki of similar size

Hello all,
i am interested in purchasing a Wharram ocean going cat, likely the Pahi 42 or larger. Problem is that i am on the west coast of the US (PNW, Olympia WA to be precise) and so need to get the critter up here. I am looking at the various methods of transport as so few of the cats are in this region. Any ideas for boat, or transport methods would be appreciated. Project boats would be acceptable, as i have the skills (and now a nephew is signed on as labor so that helps), and the desire to get the work done. However i really want to avoid the time necessary to craft my own  from scratch. On a reasonably limited budget like everyone, but will be making this happen one way or the other.

Thanks for reading.
May 2010

clif in oly
good thoughts to planet earth as this gulf problem is way bad.

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Have apparently found a wharram cat. To be continued.....now in meantime am converting my umiak to a tri with a crab claw sail to have a go at that form.
Looks like i am still on the cat hunt. I am contacting a local builder to get some cost estimates, but really would prefer to purchase an existing boat. Any wharrams 38 or larger will be considered. Had a tentative purchase negotiated with a nice fellow, but we both sobered up, and realized the difficulties involved in that particular transaction....so now back to the seeking again....
thanks for any help you may be able to provide. In the mean time i am out on puget sound with a crab claw (self sewn) on my umiak (24 foot cloth -skin on frame boat) converted to a tri (as a more stable video platform). Thanks for the previous efforts to all who replied. Now to see what universe can provide. I am located in the puget sound (WA state of USofA...pacific northwest) and under some real restrictions due to being a care provider to relatives. This means i cannot jet off to examine boats. But can prove good intent with at least one current cat owner who knows i do not bullshit and am willing to commit reasonable moneys to the effort.
Oh well, was looking for a cat when that deal came along, now that it is off, just back to the starting point.

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