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Hello all,I have done the first coats of the hulls with a roller and had trouble with tiny bubbles appearing on the finish,what i have learnt thru the web is that one needs to follow the roller with a good quality brush after the roller in what is called tipping off,if the brush gets sticky just apply a bit of thinners,they say this works we shall see.

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I'm surprised no one has mentioned System Three's 2 pack polyurethane.  Discovering this was a breakthrough for me,  as it is a true cross linking coating that is water based....no fumes!  Tipping off with a foam brush works better than any bristle,  and with water based there is no breakdown of the foam.  The best thing about this paint is that it is self-priming over cured and prepared epoxy;  it was specially formulated for this use.  Overcoating times are so fast that in most cases I can get 4 - 5 coats on in one day,  hot on hot so it all fuses into a single layer with no need to sand between coats. 


Sounds like this could be excellent on older boats as it is the solvent in the International Paint that prevents it being applied over other topcoat finishes no matter how sound they are.

You're right Galway Bay,  old paint in sound condition only needs a scuff sanding and you can apply the System Three WR-LPU right over it.   They also make an epoxy primer that is water based and great below the waterline as prep for any choice of anti-fouling.  Compared to that insanely stinky primer from Interlux,  this was another revelation,  once you try it,  you're not likely to ever use solvent based products again.


One person uses the roller and another person follows and IMMEDIATELY tips off with the brush using VERY LIGHT pressure.  Nev and I tried it and did not learn whatever tricks there are to doing it properly.  But most folks do learn so I suggest you make your first try when you paint the INBOARD surfaces of the hulls which will not show as you go along the learning curve.   Some paint products are easier to use than others.  Best of luck to you! 

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