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Well I'm now in the market for an outboard for my tiki 26. My dilemma at the moment is which one.

I could buy an 8hp 2 stroke or a 6hp 4 stroke. They are both the same weight. Does the extra 2 hp cancel out the extra torque of the 4 stroke?

Ok the 4 stroke is quieter and more economical, but i've heard the modern 2 strokes are actually comparable. 

I'm interested in some views on this, thank you!

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Thanks Frank, that's much appreciated.

That performance is far better than with my Mariner 5.  Most of the difference must be due to the high thrust prop since I can't get that speed even flat out.

My intention is to build the new mount an inch or so lower than the existing one, and the extra five inches of leg should get the prop good and low.

I must admit to a severe case of envy regarding your cruising area.  My son and I visited NZ for the first time a year ago, and spent most of our time on the north coast of the South Island.  I've travelled a fair bit, and it was one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

All the best, and thanks again.


Frank Higgott said:

Hello Robert,

I've recently launched my T26 and just stepped the mast. The Tohatsu 6hp ultra long has turned out to be an excellent choice. She gets up to about 6kts easily at a quarter throttle. My boat at this stage is very lightly loaded though. Just make sure the design of the outboard mount allows sufficient depth for cooling and cavitation prevention. Mine will benefit slightly  once the boat is more realistically loaded bringing her down in the water a bit more. 

Robert Hughes said:

Hi Frank,

I'd be very interested to hear how you get on with that Tohatsu.  I'm in the middle of building a new cockpit and when it's finished that's the exact same engine I'm planning to fit.  My existing engine is a Mariner 5hp longshaft 4 stroke and I want something with just a bit more grunt for when it's pushing into a head sea.  Also I've occasionally had cavitation when pitching a lot, and I think the extra long leg might help.



Frank Higgott said:

Oh well, I bit the bullet and just purchased a Tohatsu sail pro 6 hp four stroke. It has an ultra long leg, high thrust prop and a built in 5 amp charger.


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