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Trailering my new (to me) Tiki 26 home last weekend behind my 1999 Jeep Cherokee, I could not go over 52 mph without inducing side-to-side oscillations.  My guess at the tongue weight was about 100lbs.  Does anyone have advice on how to prevent oscillations?  I'm a fairly decent sailor on the water, but am realizing that I don't yet have a lot of experience with sailboats on land.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone !

I'am a new users on this  amazing forum and i just owned my first boat and as well my first wharram, a tiki 26.

I'am from France and i need to drive it about 600km. For this firstdrive i will rent something to do so but in the future i would be delight to have the right trailer to be free.

I would be delight if anyone can sent me the drawing of this trailer  :)

Thanks alot and have fun with your wharram ! 


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