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hello, is this tent plan - on sale on wharram site - a tent avaibale even for tiki? Does anyone have more information about or some pictures?


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Hello, i got this tent with the boat when i bough her  , a  Pahi 26  . I never use it neither install . The canvas is very very heavy idem for the structure in iron or SS . I give it fo free or it can be used  as tent for kids in the garden . i dont know where to store this tent when folded . It can fill  half of the cabin .

this model is for Pahi 26 with old central rigging there is some photo on the Wharram web site :


For tiki 26 or pahi 26 new rigging it is another design .

Do you mean this tent?I'm maybe wrong but it is different from the project in wharram's site, isn't it?
Have you got some pictures of your canvas? 
would you be able to send the tent somehow?

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