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Hi all, a couple of questions for you more experienced live aboards. We currently own a tiki 30 which we coastal cruise in and around Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand. We are getting closer to retirement, 5 years or so, and contemplating a larger Tiki, probably a 46, as a permanent live aboard cruiser. The tentative plan is for 2 to 3 years in this region before returning to Australia, we are expats here, and then living and sailing there, particularly exploring the more southern, read colder and wetter regions, like Tasmania.

We know from our Tiki 30 experience that rain is a pain but only short term as we don't live aboard. Was hoping to hear from those that are living aboard either permanently or for regular periods how you deal with rain when moored i.e. moving from one hull to the other especially in the evening.

The study plans I have for the 46 show the access hatch to the main living area off the side of the deck cabin which I'm assuming would make it difficult to extend the cockpit bimini to provide cover over hatches. The hatch opposite the cockpit provides access to the rear cabin and one option could be creating an opening in the bulkhead to gain access to the rest of the hull. Looking at the plans I assume we'd need to duck under the beam that sits on that bulkhead.

Also not sure how wet the 46 is sailing, the 30 can get pretty wet in a bit of a blow which usually means putting in the wash board and closing the hatch which makes it difficult to see charts etc. 

Any thoughts, suggestions, insights would be appreciated.


Cheers, Nigel

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Jacques - hope this message finds you well. Have seen you are thinking of sharing costs - maintenance of Pilgrim, a common problem to us all. I had been considering taking my own boat, Leveller, a tiki 31,  to the Mediterranean from the channel, and take my family out for a few days there- a long held dream. Marseille seems close to many places. However, if I did will end up with my boat in another place, not knowing how to bring it back, and it is not an easy nor cheap enterprise for me. Considering that your boat is already there, maybe I could help out somehow with you, your boat and its maintenance, and sail there every once in a while. I would offer to reciprocate, but not sure it would be a good idea for you, considering how the weather is in the channel. In any case, would you be interested in discussing something? I can understand your predicament, as I am in a similar one, but maybe joining up forces could help. I send you friend´s request - let me know if sensible. Best regards and best wishes,

Jose A.

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