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I am trying to decide on the size boat to build for Us. We do want kids so that is an additional thing to plan for.

I am an Ex commercial fishermen/merchant marine; i have lots of mono
hull time on things from 30' to bigger than i like.

I have for years thought that 50 to 65 feet is the perfect size for a live aboard. the Tiki 38 is that size just short for the space.

here are the questions:
1. what is the width at the deck level mid, inside of the hulls? (you dont have to be specific if you dont want just tell me how many arm spans and how tall you are)

2. what is the effective usable space between the forward most bulkhead and the aft most bulk head? (I know the ends are filled with foam)

3. (I think this is for Bertrand cause i hear he is my height.) how easy is it to get a few more inches in height between dropping the deck and raising the overhead a little? (Looks like about 7 inches)

4. how deep are the beam troughs in the hull and how does this effect a persons movement through the living spaces?

5. Realistically how fast a build to weather this set of hulls in for some one that has done a little bit of building?

6. I see someone did a stripper how was the build and how fast?

7. I like junk rigs and i really like the dragon wing configuration. However i have a junk rig on my sampan. its easy to use but with two masts the lines and such how easy is the configuration for a single hander? or a couple?
or a single hander that is a little limited in mobility?

8. has any one made a birds mouth mast for the dragon wing config?

9. how do you deal with the lines to the cockpit with the flexible boat?

10. How do you keep the speed down for fishing on one of these things?
(ya it sounds funny but with the junk sail on the sampan, unless the wind is hardly moving and i have as little sail as i can put up i am going faster than 1.5 mph over ground speed.)

11. how much payload can these things pack? (yes i read the specs, but specs and reality dont often match)

Ok thats enough for now.

thank you in advance.

hmm Hi NYCKiwi

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