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Hi everyone, I am still looking to purchase a Tiki 38, 46 or Pahi 42 in good condition in Australia or Asia. I am now in a position to buy immediately but can't find any boats. If you know of any or want to sell yours, please let me know. 

It's great seeing pictures of the lovely Wharrams on this site. I would love to build but don't think my family has the patience right now!

Thanks, Dave

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Thanks Charlie- following up one lead in Asia- i'll let you know how it goes. Nothing other than that yet. I'll keep an eye on trademe. I've just got a copy of Jimmy Cornell's World Cruising Routes- licking my lips! Cheers, Dave
Hi Dave,

there is a Tiki 38 offered on the official Wharram homepage. I'm not sure if it is still available.

Cheers, Martin
Thanks Martin- that is the one in Asia I am referring to in my reply to Charlie. Appreciate the tip though.
Hi Dave, not sure whether you have found your dream boat yet? There's a Narai Mk2 for sale in NZ which appears to be a solid boat from the photos. Here's the link if you're interested:


All the best
Thanks Carl- I'm onto something, i'll let you know once I'm sure but things look good! Appreciate you letting me know.
There is a tiki 46 in south africa.
Looks well used as a charter boat. fully equiped, 8 years old.
Buy, I'll help for the delivery ;-)
Hi David, I live in Perth, WA and I'm also looking for 38 or 42 ft wharram to cruise the Kimberly's and beyond. Was wondering if you or anyone else had a look at the one in NZ "Narai mk 2 - 65000nzd".
All the best with your search

thanks Harry
Yes- this is beautiful boat, a real work of art but not quite where I am at at the moment- I hope she goes to a good home. Why is Hans selling? What is he up to now? Dave
Hi Harry, yes I have seen the ad for the boat that you are referring to- looks solid and well looked after- perhaps you should have someone over that way have a look at her. Mat collicott was helpful when I was looking at my options for bringing another boat over to Aus from NZ. They do deliveries and have skippers/crew that know and like Wharram cats. Matt said that they would do a preliminary inspection. Whilst not a survey, it would give you an idea.
Hi David, thanks for the info, I,m very tempted to fly over and have a look myself.
Thanks for your help
HI there -ahi 42 in florida not asia but down wind most the way LOL

Boatsmith started a thread Wharrams for Sale :
There's quiet a few 42's listed there. I sailed one of those on the Firth of Clyde, Scotland, very impressed. Helped me make the final decision on building the Pahi 63.


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