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I have a chart plotter depthfinder that came with a transome mounted skimmer type transducer. I mounted the transducer on a tow fish that I made. It looks cool but alas to no avail I am unable to get it stable at higher speeds. It dives hard,cavitates and flips over then hits the boat. I could always install a though hull transducer in the conventional manner. But I really would rather not go that route. I would appreciate any ideas and experience with any alternative transducer mounts Thanks

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Hi Chris,

I had the transducers for my sounder and log mounted in a hull, but found the sounder signal wasn't great and the log paddle wheel kept catching weed.  I'm moving both to a kind of upside down periscope contraption that will hinge down under my cockpit.  That way I'll be able to bring it up to clear it, or for when we take the ground.  It will be a fibreglass tube with a bulb at the bottom large enough for the transducers, all well streamlined.  I'll arrange it in such a way that it can knock up if it gets hit by a lump of driftwood so it doesn't get damaged.  Probably make it long enough so the transducers are level with the keels, so they'll be well immersed.  Mine will be attached to the underside of the cockpit but it could just as well hang from a beam.

All the best


Hello Rob. I took the tow fish and mounted it on a stick and stuck it in the water going around 8knots. I was really surprised at the amount of drag generated. It took considerable force to maintain its attitude in the water. A lot of air traveled down the rod and caused a bubble around the fish. A stronger sleeker smaller device might be needed. I am also considering some kind of removable pod up against the hull. Maybe a couple of bolts though the hull above the waterline. What I’m trying to do is get a good sonar image of the bottom for fishing

Thanks Chris, I'll bear those comments in mind as I firm up the design of mine...


Hello Rob. I think I’ll keep to the periscope stick install and abandon the tow fish concept. I definitely need to refine my approach. If I ever get anything to work I will post some pics. Thanks for your response

cool idea with the fish

I have installed transom mount transducers on a swing down leg. That has worked well. I swing it up at high speeds. All in all I prefer a nodule on the inner side of the hull.

    This is the fish with new fins and a new lead nose cone. 

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