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Hello Fellow Wharram Folks.

I would like to let you know that I have the plans for a Tiki 30 No 122. I purchased them from "Wharram" some years ago, 2001 I think, while I was working in the Middle East. I did start to build but with my propensity to change jobs and moving around a lot, I didnt get far in the construction. It is with great regret that I have now decided that I should sell the said project and put the money towards buying a completed Wharram boat before I get too old to enjoy the sailing part of having a Wharram. The project consists of the plans for the Tiki 30, with the plans for the Deck Pod, if I remember corectly, there may be some minor pencil marks or scribblings on the plans. I also purchased a set of sails for the boat from Jeckells, they are in dry storage at the moment and cost me around £1700 at the time. I think the plans cost me around £500 with the Deck Pod a bit extra. I do have the reciepts but will need to hunt them out to confirm this. As mentioned earlier, I have started construction but didnt get too far, therfore, I have some materials and assemblies to go with the lot. If anyone out there in "Wharram World" would like to carry on this project, please contact me through this site to discuss any possabilities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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Hi mate. Are the tiki 30 plans still for sale. Cheers. Richard (richard@dcs.net.au)

Hello Richard.  Thanks you for your inquiry.  Yes, I do still have the plans and all as described in my post.  As I said, I move around a lot and I am now back in the middle east.  So, I'm sure that if we were to come to some agreement you will understand that things may take a bit time to sort out as the project in in Scotland.  I realise this may put you off, I will not be offended if you should change your mind.

Thanks again for your inquiry.


Hi Alan. As I am inAustrlia, I am only in a position to purchase your plans, not the project. Please advise of a price for plan set. Cheers. Richard

Hi Richard,

Sorry for the rather lengthy delay in replying to your last message.  I would at least like to sell the sails with the plans as they would be of no use to me once the plans have gone.  Originally the sails cost 1700 GBP and the plans were 500 GBP, therefore, I would like to get 1000 GBP for both.  



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