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Hi all,

Rainy day, so I'm checking the plans trying to get ahead of the construction and I have a big doubt. In the assembly booklet (page 2) says you must leave a gap for bulkhead 6 and bulknead 2 between the keel and the timbers that go between the keel and the stem and stern. But it does not show a gap between the timber and the stem for bulkhead 1 nor a gap between timber and stern for bulkhead 7. Bulkhead 7 has no notch but bulkhead 1 has a 35mmX10mm notch.

Should I leave a gap between timber and stem/stern for the bulkheads? Do the bulkheads rest on top of the timber? On top of the T section? What is the 35mmX10mm notch for?

If anyone has solved this I would very much appreciate some tips.

Thank you and merry Christmas.


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In Sheet 1 (structural details) the drawings show both bulkheads going all the way down, that would be ok with bkhd 7 (though it would contradict the assembly booklet that shows no gap), but that would mean it would be two (2) timbers between the keel and the stem (as blkhd 1 would be cutting them apart) and there is no mention about it. And what would the 35mmX10mm notch in blkhd1 be doing there? Haven't been able to find a sensible answer.


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