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I am going to look at a Tiki30 in Hilo, Hoping to buy it before the end of the month.

I only have seen a couple photos so far, but the beam connections seem modified to me. 

Anybody know of a modification like this?

Also, anybody know the boat? It was built in Olympia, Washington, and sailed to Hilo a few years ago. about all the info I have so far

Thanks much

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The straps with buckles are the original Tiki 30 beam connection design. The option for rope lashings were added to the plans later.

Ahh Ok thanks for that. I guess the ones I have seen are the newer style.

Do you know of any issues with the original style?

The straps and buckles worked perfectly on my Tiki 30.  I imagine that they are much easier to work with than lashings. 

Well I bought the boat.

Other than ease of assembly I am not too happy with the webbing and bolt assembly.

You end up with sharp bits to catch line on. The tension of the beams is transmitted to through deck bolts, which have leaked and caused rot already. Also the whole contraption loosened up after only three days underway. And that was in sub 10kts of wind, with Nylocks. Never seen Nylocks back off before.

Other than that deficiency Wow, so much more space than my Hinemoa. It's going to be hard to not have tons of crap aboard.

I have the plans and they spec these webbing/bolt arrangement. Would anybody share some photos and dimensions of the lash on system? I assume I will have to lengthen the beams by several inches, or narrow the boat by same.

The pic below is of my boat where you can see the lashings.  Perhaps add a bit onto your beams


That's a good looking boat you have. Been thinking of a forward beam, but have a bit of rot to sort out first.

Any chance you could send me the dimensions of the lashing blocks on the hull?

I'll take a picture when I am down there tomorrow and include the dimensions.  Cheers 

I'll take a picture when I am down there tomorrow and include the dimensions.  Cheers 

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