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Given the uncertainly of the current situation around the pandemic, ordering a brand new set of sails does not feel as a wise move right now. At the end of the day, no one can even tell when they will be able to make them, and how much of the season will be left this year for sailing.

And so I thought I should ask if anyone maybe selling their main and jib for Tiki 30/38? Interested in any sails for Tiki 30/38 in any condition - used, repairable and even non-repairable :)

Please PM me if any offers.

PS. As we are building Tiki30, sails for Tiki30 are preferred. But I have checked plans for the Tiki 30 and 38, and found that Tiki 38 sails should be usable on Tiki 30 too!

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I have a new set of sails for a Tiki 30 which I could be tempted to sell on if you are interested.  They were bought new from Jeckells some time ago and have never been unfolded!

Let me know your best offer if interested.  I am in Norfolk but will send courier if needed.

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