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Me and a friend are building two Tiki 30 and are about to order aluminium masts.
We've found a mill here in the UK who can make them in one piece of aluminium(6082).
Length 9 meters, diameter 140mm, thickness 4mm.
Downside is we have to buy 12 of them so we where hope to find other builders/owners who wants aluminium masts too.
Price is approx £250/each if we can find buyers for all, if not maybe we could split the cost.
We will need 2 masts ourselves.

We are planning for delivery spring 2020.

If there is any interest please get in touch.

Best regards
Krister and Phil

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I would like to replace my wooden mast on Moku. Is the order still going ahead or have I missed it? Dave

Hi Dave

I'm not sure. Happy to try with you to purchase 2 masts (or any more if others are interested) but I need to call suppliers as they all seem limited to 6m which cannot be the case as these tubes must be extruded in a continuous length. KR Andrew

Am I too late to join this?

Just came across this in my local Craigslist. Not sure where they are located as it looks like a nationwide ad from a surplus place but these are pretty cheap and for anyone in the USA who's looking for a mast or for front/rear beams for a bigger Tiki, these might do the job. Thicker than Wharram calls for but probably still lighter than a wood mast.


Ref extrusion stock lengths. With the current stock problems due to Covid etc I guess it will be even harder to get extra long lengths now.

In any event when I was looking for a mast supplier I found one who was happy to make them to my design, but only by jointing two tubes for each mast. The joints are impressive, I don't fear any loss of strength there and not much extra weight.

I don't see a problem with this, they certainly haven't been a problem for me. I have two 5" dia masts on my Tiki 31. The mainmast is about 10" taller than the design length so that I can see forward under the mainsail.

The materials for two wooden masts would have cost me more than the price of the alloy masts, and they are lighter than wood. I also have made dyneema rigging for all shrouds but the forestay and have had no problems with stretching (buy the best).

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