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Well i finally bit the bullet and got my Tiki 26 plans direct from Wharrams. I got ripped off 70% duty by Philippines customs but the pain of that is now subsiding as i get into the build. Ive started cutting the templates etc.after a good study of the plans. One observation that comes to mind is regarding the skeg / keel joint. It looks a bit precarious as the keel is only just notched onto the skeg. Am i being over cautious or what? I thought about extending the edge of the skeg to about 5 inches under the keel for peace of mind . Can anyone see a reason not to ?

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Likely over cautious. . .If you did extend the keel, you would have to cut deep into the stern post, which would be extra work. By the time you do the epoxy/glass fillets, the sum is greater than the parts and you have a very strong hull.
Don`t worry about that. My Tiki30 plans show the same kind of connections along the keel. It becomes very strong once you have done the fillets. My experience: stick to the plans for the hulls and you will find them plenty strong. Enjoy the building.

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