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Here is a Sketchup file drawn at 1:1 scale in inches. Sketchup is a free program you can download here:


The the hull supports hinge forward on 4 vertical hinges.

I added a tandem axle instead of the original one shown for safety.

Use the icon that looks like a tape measure to get any measurement.

For changing views and just exploring the trailer use the icon that has a red and green arrow going around a vertical rod, then move your mouse around and you can rotate it in 3D.

Hope this helps and my apologies for not getting this posted sooner.




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Hello Bill,

would you please remember what was the thickness of the material used? I am asked to build a trailer like this.

Thank you in advanced.

Pavel K.

Greetings Pavel, I will go and measure tomorrow and let you know.

Bill Barker

Greetings Pavel, about 5mm. (my apology for the delay)


Bill Barker

Hello Bill, no problem.

Thank you very much.



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