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tiki 26 performance with dagger board VS without dagger board

We are in the early stages of building a Tiki 26. 

I am wondering if anyone has experience with a Tiki 26 with a dagger board and has noticed any difference in performance as opposed to one without a dagger board.

 Ie, reduced slippage or higher pointing with the dagger board.

Or do they usually only install them on the Bermuda rigged boats?

Thank you


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In my plans there are no dagger boards, but I have seen it in the study plans. The ones in the study plans are in a very forward position, so I don't think that they could be useful. I have not seen any T26 with dagger boards.

Wharram cats are not "high performance" by nature.  I don't see daggerboards improving on their ability to go to wind.  Loading will have a greater affect.  Don't pile endless stuff onboard.  Sail light with good friends, music and laughter in your heart and you'll be amazed at how soon you reach your destination.

I wouldn't add dagger boards to a Tiki 26.  The hulls have such a sharp V-section that they have a really good grip on the water anyway.  The fact they can't point quite as high as many monohulls isn't down to the lack of boards or deep keels, I suspect it's largely becuase the masts are fairly short and the sails of low aspect ratio.

The pointing angle is made up for by the fact you can go faster, if you know how to sail a Tiki.  I had a long beat down the English Channel into a strong southwesterly in my T26, and we were keeping up with 30 foot monohulls in terms of progress to windward.  We had to do a few more tacks because we didn't point quite as high, but by keeping the wind a little bit more free we got enough power to sail faster.  In a Tiki you shouldn't try to squeeze every last degree of pointing angle out of it, much better to sail faster, have more fun, and still get there quicker...

Pincher=looser on a multihull.

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