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I found this boat on gumtree laying on the Isle of Sheppey, up for sale as previous owner had not paid his fees for 2 years.

I went up and looked her over, the hulls as far as i can tell have no rot on them at all. It's missing one beam, mast rudders and centre pit. One of the remaining beams is poor and the other seems OK

I brought her on an impulse

She can stay on the yard she is at with free lift on to trailer or into water before 6th of May this year, thereafter they will charge £10 per week and £100 for a lift , you can work on her there but they have limited facility's .

Any way she is ideal for someone who wants a quick build , I haven't got the time.

Contact me for photos and more info , I'm open to offers over £400

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Forgot to mention, talked to Wharram Office and you can have discounted plans to complete the build if you don't already own them roughly £170 instead of the £549
hi mate do you have a contact email or phone number or something? my email address is backinuksucks@gmail.com if u can get in touch drop me an email or something, i also looked at this and passed on it, i spoke to the jo at the yard today and she said you havent moved it, maybe we can do a deal on it, cheers, sam
would be better to be able to call, jo says she doesnt have ur number... thanks
Hi ya my email ajc.hunt@gmail.com I dropped you a mail but don't know if you got it

Hallo, any news on this Tiki? Still for sale or what? I'm not far from Sheppey.

Hi Steve yes still available best call me on 07742420255

OK, will you call you shortly.

I have now bought this Tiki 26, called Stringalong, and will be restoring her to sail the UK coast once again. For occasional updates see the thread 'Stringalong 1992 Tiki 26 restoration' in the Tiki 26 Group discussions. Thanks, Anthony, for saving her from possible destruction or some other ghastly fate.

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