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After 10 years of ownership, Raising the Challenge, the GRP Tiki 26 that was raced across the atlantic by Bob Beggs is for sale. 

During current ownership the boat has been steadily maintained - new mainsail, new rudders, new tillers, coppercoated, decks painted, new stainless ratchets and beams stripped out and rebuilt in grp . All work apart from coppercoat done professionally including rudders & deck by Rory McDougall.

However the boat is also being sold with a second set of GRP beams that have been meticulously maintained by Rob Hughes and an immaculate cockpit complete with speakers! These would need a day to be fettled in to existing deck mounts.

The boat has roller reefing, spinnaker/gennaker, customised trailer, sundry ropes/fenders and anchor etc.

The boat is on a trailer just south of Bath.  It is ready for coastal sailing but for anything offshore would need a rig check/refit.  Looking for offers over £4950 including trailer.  Boom tent also available £250.

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Hello. Have you still got this?


Many apologies for the delay - yes the boat is still for sale.

Thanks, Johnny. Sent you a friend request so we can communicate directly. Possibly exchanging phone numbers might be the easiest way to go....? Cheers, Moy

I'm in the UK, by the way, & I have actually got a bit of free time to pop down & take a look - up until early next week, anyway. If that can work for you?

Hmm.... Sensing a lack of commitment here Johnny....?!

sorry have been away - whats the best number to call you to make a plan?

Hey Johnny. Please feel free to call me on 07906 232477

Sorry to have to put it like this Johnny, but I'm kind of putting you down as something of a timewaster, I'm afraid.

You've clearly decided to up your price compared to your original ad on boats-from.co.uk - that's totally your choice. So why not take the ad down? Whatever is going on with you, all you've got to do is let people know what's happening. No one will take offence - it's your boat. You do what you want with it. 

If you've decided not to sell, or you just don't have time to deal with a sale right now, either take your ads down, or mark them with some additional comment explaining your situation, would be the decent thing to do, I would have thought.

But please don't waste people's time.

What exactly was the point of responding on the 25th that the boat was still for sale, & sorry for the delay in replying, just to not respond again? What was the point of asking me for my phone number a week ago, not to bother calling?

What exactly are you getting out of all this? I'm not getting it at all.


So keep your boat mate. You don't seem like someone worth even trying to do business with, I'm afraid.

Sorry to have to air this all publicly, but I did send you a friend request so we could communicate privately, which you ignored.....

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