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I have been wondering how suitable Tiki 21 is for sailing in subarctic climate, such as in the waters of the Nordic countries. Any experiences?

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Yvon Bourgnon just did the Northwest Passage on a 20' beach cat. If you have a good deck tent or good ventilation through hulls to cut down condensation, then go for it. I sail mine in the US in 0 C all Winter long, but I prefer the cold over the hot sun! It is a wet boat, so you would need a nice drysuit up there to be safe. 

Thanks for your reply, Brad. If your day temperature is around 0°C (32°F) when sailing, that's pretty extreme! Drysuits are an ultimate solution, although not that comfortable especially when sailing with the crew. I had temperature range from 10°C to 18°C (50°F to 64°F) in my mind. Sitting in the hulls when steering must provide some shelter from cold too, doesn't it?

Good point about condensation. Proper ventilation with mosquito nets is a must if I ever build a T21. And yes, Yvon Bourgnon est un si grand aventurier. :)

Well 32 is the lower range of the temps that we get in Winter here, but 50 to 64 degrees feels great! I just wear bibs and a windproof jacket with fleece under it when it's around 50 and feel great. My girlfriend likes to sit inside with a sleeping bag around her legs when it's cold. I built some custom hatches so that you can be inside and still see out. I've attached a photo. The 21 is a great boat. 


Your custom hatches must be helpful to keep at least two crew members dry and warm, but I guess the helmsman can't enjoy of such luxury.

To me Tiki 21 looks like an acceptable compromise of trailerability, seaworthiness and capacity, that should open the doors to very versatile adventures. So yes, she is definitely a great boat.

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