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Could a Tiki 21 owner with a standard rig measure their bridle length for me ?

(Context: I bought a '21 2nd hand, but it has a modified rigging with a furler attached to an extra beam... The plan set transferred to me by the owner appears to be incomplete -- with probably a missing measurement sheet or dimensions table...) The bridles in this modified set up are smaller than normal (at 1,30m can not join them midway), and laced on the extra beam. 

I wish to revert to the standard rig with no furler, and restore the original geometry.

For this, the bridles length is essential, as it determines the height of the junction point with the forestay.

As extra info, I would also appreciate some expression of the original mast rake. In my current setup, the mast is almost 90 degrees upright, but from parts of the drawings I do have with the plans, it looks like the top of the mast should lean somewhere between 0.30m and 0.5m aft ?   

PS: to avoid any misunderstanding: I have addressed a service request to JWD, mentioning I'm willing to pay for the service (but not ready to pay in full for the complete plans, which I assume is agreeable)... Anyway, no answer so far so I thought I'd just ask for help ;-)

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Upping this as I get no reply from JWD nor from Hanneke on Facebook.

Could a kind sould (and Tiki 21 owner) help me with this bridle length / mast rake info ?

Or any suggestion how to get in touch with Hanneke / JWD ( can’t drive there being in France, and phone calls unsuccessful…)

End of alert ! 

Received a very kind answer from Hanneke ;-)

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