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Does anyone know if one hull of a Tiki 21 has the same curve on the inside surface as it does on the outside surface , i.e does the hull travel through the water equally . If that is true , it would seem to make that one hull the perfect candidate for the center hull of a trimarran . Any thoughts would be appreciated .

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Yes, the same lines...

Very interesting idea.... !

I was working on my 21 hulls today. When you glance down the inverted hulls, they often appear a-symmetric. Displacement activities being what they are, I've found myself setting up to check. 

They are symmetric as far as I can see. At the rear beam they form an equilateral triangle of approx. 90cm/90cm/90cm.

One hull could make the centre of a trimaran. Two will make a Tiki 21. But I like your thinking.


Thank you for your thoughts

Ha, an old Wharrram owner who sold his tiki and purchased a trimaran said he missed his wharram and having a trimaran was like having a mono hull with training wheels…….it would always rock from one side hull to the other. 

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