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This is build #80 and was finished in 2013. It was totally renovated last year. Rebuilt one beam. Changed top board of the two others. Everything was repainted. She is in very good shape.

Sails by Jeckells

5 HP Yamaha

2 x 50 W solar panels

Lithium battery

Unused spinnaker


Asking for 5000€

Look her for more pictures:

My Page - Wharram Builders and Friends (ning.com)

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Is she still for sale?

Yes she is.
Hello Terje, I am thinking of downsizing from a Tiki 31 to a 21 as my family (crew!) has left home. I can't see the photos that you have posted but would be interested in talking to you about your boat if it is still available.

Ref the Tiki 31 (mine is in Devon), as a matter of interest is there a particular reason for the foremast being raked but not the mizzen? Interested in case it aids tacking......

I don't have much crew and I have to say that basically singlehanding the 31 is hard work! ...ok in the open sea but a challenge in tight spaces under sail. Mine is easier to manoeuvre in reverse under power.

Should have known better than to post that photo on this forum! Poor workmanship sadly. My husband was the boatbuilder and we've been doing our best since he died. We did a repair to the beam and lashed it back on slightly askew which meant the mast step was a bit off, and the mast moreso. A sort of butterfly effect on sea! I'll find a better photo with it corrected. Can't say it improves the tacking. Where is your Tiki?

Hello Catherine, I'm on the Dart. Currently looking at ways of improving tacking. I sailed on P le Maitre's Tiki 31 cross channel and to France, we had no problem but I haven't had equal success on my boat.

It may be technique or balance. P le Maitre's boat  (Tiki Sunrise ) was the one which Wharram mentions as the one which showed him that a schooner rig could and did hack it against him sailing close hauled on a Tiki 30. (It's in one of Wharram's articles).

We sailed her to Plymouth c 1991 for a Wharram meet.

I would love to meet an experienced Tiki 31 owner to figure out repairs and sailing tips. We're not too far away, if you are up for sharing ideas?

Yes of course, that would be a good idea.  My email  is   xylophile@mail.com 

I am in Devon for another week or so then in France (not on the boat) on and off over the summer, hopefully sailing around our area for a week at the end of June.

I'm working on the boat (which I relaunched last week) everyday at the moment varnishing and painting to make the best of the weather opportunity.

Are you still looking for a new owner for her? If so I would be very interested and happy to have her joining my sailing adventures in Sweden :)
Hi Terje, just checking my message didn't get lost amongst Tiki 31 chat? I'm still interested in your 21. My email is catherine.selby@gmx.com if you could message me please, that would be great. Thanks
Hello, yes she is still up for sale. Catrine, I can sen more pictures on mail.
Julia: yes she can join you in Sweden She has been there before.
Great, my email is catherine.selby@gmx.com I look forward to seeing the photos

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