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I'm inclined to leave it alone in most situations, but perhaps you have come across a miracle in a can. . . ;~)

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Happy T-Day Kim and everybody else as well. Sorry there are no miracles in a can. I usually leave my teak raw and will sand it to keep it smooth and restore the honey color. If I really want to accentuate the beauty of the wood I will oil it. This wiil last a couple of months and then you need to sand and apply more oil. After a while the teak with oil will start turning black and it must be bleached and sanded. Varnish is pretty and requires even more maintenance. There is a product called Deks Olje. For awhile it was unavailable but I now see that it is for sale once again. This is by far my favorite oil type finish. I use the part 1 only. If I want a gloss finish I will use varnish. David
We still fuss with brightwork, but if it were left to me, we would PAINT it and get on with the sailing!!! Ann (Nev was not consulted this time) tee hee.
Just checking. . . ;~) I will continue with my (and your) approaches. Natural or painted, depending on context!
You might check out Cetol Natural Teak. Not really a paint, not really an oil, it protects the teak and only requires reapplying once a year (or so, you can let it go longer if you want), and doesn't require sanding before reapplication. So far (5 years) it doesn't turn black with time. I used it on the teak handrails and trim, and on the cedar trim, and have been happy with it.


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