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could someone please tell me is it standard for the tangaroa to be sloop or 2 masted have seen both also looking at buying one here in OZ and the single engine is set to port off centrline?? why also has backstays so can have no roach was hoping for tiki rig would like to change if purchase any one done that and how hard and much

Thank u in advance

HAppy Sailing


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Hi Robert,

The Tangaroa is a ketch as standard. I have also seen many mods, and I suppose it's ok as a sloop, but you want to make sure the boat is properly balanced. Again, with engine set up, there are many, many "versions" out there - the best is to ask the owner / builder why it is set up that way, and hope for an honest answer.

I'm sure it will be a relatively straight forward mod to add a tiki rig to a Tangaroa.

Other things to watch out for will be rot particularly in the beam boxes of the MkIV. The Tangaroa is a great boat - safe, easy to sail. Good luck and post some pics!

Thanx heaps Carl boat is on yachthub if you would like to look at some photos etc

thanx  for getting back so quick really appreciate it owner says done exactly to plans but i dont have plans to check if you know what i mean will let you k now if anyhthing comes of it


If the boat you mention is the one at: http://yachthub.com/list/yachts-for-sale/used/sail-catamarans/wharr... , at least on the pictures, it looks beautiful.

I hope it's ok on the beamboxes and under the waterline and you become a happy owner.


Hi Hector

Thats the one mate, have spoke to the owner ,who built the boat, but he's sketchy on some answers about the rig. havent asked about engine placement yet, will try to contact tomorrow, not sure why he would put a monohull rig per se' on a multihull and  as Carl says I would want to have a sail to see How balanced it is.

Also as the ad says built to plans but not ketch rig so wondering what goes there also

In the Design book Wharram says that the rig for the Tangaroa MK IV could be bermudan cutter or ketch.

Thanx Andres

I dont have the design book but dont believe the guy has it set up as cutter just sloop but will ask thanks heaps mate

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