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I'm going to look at a Tanenui, anyone out there with any advice with what to look out for, other than the general stuff.


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Well I went to look at the boat yesterday, the hulls etc look to have been very well made, however it has had 2 "pods" and a below deck storage box forward fitted more recently, substantially reducing the clearance.

tanenui with two little pods is my prefered JW design

where's picture?

laurent said:

Very nice examples of the type. Seem to be very little info on them in the web.

Hi reg,

you're welcome to ask any questions regarding my boat. As it is new I'm afraid, that I haven't much answers for you bying a used one though...




I am looking at a Tanenui.

Your boat is sweet indeed. Well done, good jog and may you sail often and enjoy yourself.

My question...

Do you have any interior photographs of your cat.

If so...

I would love to see them.

This class, Tanenui, just don't get much attention it seems. But, I think they are the best all around in many ways.

If you have the inclination I'd love to see how you trimmed out the interior of your Tanenui.


Hi Billy,

the boat is under a cover now, sitting out the winter months on the hard. I havent done much on the interior, so no photos unfortunately. Basically it's all wood/epoxy, no painitng and a little mahogany trim. No electricity, galley or head either, everything is pretty much 'flexi space'.



Thanks for the reply Wolf.

I do enjoy seeing work done to a high degree of competence, and your boat excells in both.

I admire the standard of your boat.

I've admired the tanenui for a long time, and time is finally arriving for me to consider the build.

so thanks again for posting your excellent video's and pictures.


PS If you don't mind a few of the interior would be nice. There is so little quality pictures of inside this particular craft.

I live near the Great Lakes Lakes of North America, so not hard to quess where I will be sailing eh?

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