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Hello all,does anybody out there know how the sail on a tama moana is attached to boom and spar? the nuts and bolts of that lashing system?? 

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Contact Glenn Tieman. I believe he's a member on this site.

There is an interesting blog from Beat Rettenmund, who has a Tiki 38 and now is in Tikopia helping in restoring the Lapita-Tikopia Tama Moana.


Beat has sailed with Glen Tieman and decided to change the T38's rig to a crab-claw rig as in the Tama Moana.


Thanks for the reply guys,l think l know what l'm doing now!

After using the lashed onto the spars system successfully for many years, I changed to using big socks around the spars as on tiki rig. The reasons were both to reduce turbulence along the critical leading edge and to make the sails easier to make without the seizing of the lines together all along the edges. On the smaller sails there was immediate noticeable improvement, a sense not of power but cleanness, as would be expected from reduced drag. The most challenging big mainsail did not seem to improve I think because there were other important issues, excessive bending in the middle of the yard and bending of the boom which should not be allowed. I was engaged in studying aerodynamics and making subtle changes in the crab claws this past year, when rudely interrupted by her being run down at anchor as you know about. The attached pic shows the original sheet attachment which has now been altered by moving it nearer the top of the booms to eliminate bending. In the pic I'm sailing her backwards through congested two foot deep water without rudders, returning to a worksite from a typhoon hole.


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