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marabu%20april%202013%20028.JPGmarabu%20april%202013%20028.JPGWe left Antigua april 13 towards the Azores and had a fast and wet sail with a 188 miles over 24 hours. Then we went east upwind for about 8 days the waves got almost 4/5 meters. We experienced like Alex an very wet ride,  we could only get in to the forecabins when we went downwind or stopped. We were thinkig that we gona go all the way to the Azores upwind when we realized the crack in the masttabernacle. We lashed it but then decided to turn around, if the tabernacle breaks the whole foredeck and the mast will go.... So we sailed all the way back ( 600nm) to Bermuda. I wrote to Hanneke and she knows about a similar case on Tiki 38 where the tabernacle broke. She gave us a advise to strenghten the tabernacle by apply of an longitudinal piece of wood (80X25) over the whole length of the tabernacle. I think this is in fact a wise thing to do for all Tiki owner who plan to go upwind for days or in strong weather conditions. On the photo you see the crack just under the winch. Fair winds Daniel

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Whoa!!! that there is enough to spoil your day for sure, did the fix work Daniel?

Thanks Neil thats a good idea!

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