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Hey, folks. I'm down here with BudgetBoater building my Tiki 38. He said that only 2 people contributed money toward operating this site last year. He pays a few hundred dollars a year to run this valuable resource out of his own pocket. You know that this site is not censored except for harmful spam. He only wants a free exchange of valuable information,  Even the official "W" site has little information that is discussed freely as on this site. We are 1200 strong and need to vote with our money. If everyone contributed $1, he could run this site for over 2 years! Of course, there are only 10% of our members that are truly active. So, If you have advertised a boat for sale, solved a building problem, connected with old friends, found a source for materials, or just had some interesting reading, you should make a small donation to keep this site healthy. I'll start it off and donate $10 today. Don't go crazy and contribute a lot; he doesn't need much. Make this a truly community site. Many people contributing a small amount ($5.00) is much better than one person contributing a lot.




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"un menu du jour  avec son verre de vin" for me  

Gladly donated.

I did. Have been one of the first members. The big wharram community meets here. That was a lot of help through advices, pictures etc. I remember the race with Aluna who would finish first. Actually the building time (5 years) was a great part of the adventure.


Where can I mail my check?  I am old fashioned and just prefer a paper contribution.  I did contribute a while back but forgot to do so recently.  Thanks for the reminder!  Also thanks for running our add for selling Peace IV in a few more weeks.   Ann and Nev

Thanks BudgetBoater for keeping this site up and running.


s/v Bazinga

Ariki 48

Thanks to those who contributed so far we are almost half way. A few dollars is all you need to give to help keep this site alive and healthy.

Just now donated for running this super site!


Demi & Dirk

Looks like we've reached the halfway point folks!

If you own a Wharram or you're building one, or even just thinking about it, this has to be the most useful site on the internet!

It's got to be worth a few dollars more...

Hey, Folks we are stuck on $280. Just a reminder...............

The donation of the price of a hamburger, fries and a drink by just 10% of our members would pay for this site!

I'm on board!

I mailed you a $50 check and you did not cash it yet.  Could you please see what happened maybe at your end.  I can stop that check and write another if needed.  Heck, I am happy just looking at the pics of all the boats.  Also I love looking at Jacques video of our boat under sail.  Wow! 

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