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Hey, folks. I'm down here with BudgetBoater building my Tiki 38. He said that only 2 people contributed money toward operating this site last year. He pays a few hundred dollars a year to run this valuable resource out of his own pocket. You know that this site is not censored except for harmful spam. He only wants a free exchange of valuable information,  Even the official "W" site has little information that is discussed freely as on this site. We are 1200 strong and need to vote with our money. If everyone contributed $1, he could run this site for over 2 years! Of course, there are only 10% of our members that are truly active. So, If you have advertised a boat for sale, solved a building problem, connected with old friends, found a source for materials, or just had some interesting reading, you should make a small donation to keep this site healthy. I'll start it off and donate $10 today. Don't go crazy and contribute a lot; he doesn't need much. Make this a truly community site. Many people contributing a small amount ($5.00) is much better than one person contributing a lot.




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And a big "Huzzah" for all who contributed! As Homer Simpson's oriental cousin would say "Wu Hu"!

why it is so hard to give 5 usd to a usefull tool if i  can build or own a boat ?

Mince! Il y a trop :-)

Ok, I'm in.

today i donate via Paypal . Waow !  

This site keeps my batteries charged (mine, not the boat's!)...!  Just sent in my donation.  Thanks!


Done, and well done site. Very informative, great resource, great helpful people. G

Sent.  Thanks for this site and Merry Christmas!

1500 Members of this site that's 34¢ U.S. per person. Of course everyone will not contribute so you had better shake something out of your piggy band and send it in. Thanks to Laurent for starting this year's drive early. I gave today. Your turn now.

I hope more people will see this and respond. This is crowd funding and is strictly a break even goal. We are a small community and only need to give a small amount per person to keep this site alive. Do not make Budgetboater pay for this alone.

Pour ceux qui lisent mal en anglais, il semblerait qu'un substantiel don de quelques euros par paypal ou autre aideraient le webmaster à faire fonctionner ce site, très efficace et bien fait .

Merci, Laurent.

It takes you 30 seconds to add a small amount to this crowd funded website. Remember: we (you) are part of this crowd. This site is the only place for honest discussions about Wharram catamarans. You can buy, sell, discuss, and complain without restrictions. For the price of a fancy cup of coffee, you can help pay the fees for this site.

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