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Stub mast position for crab claw rig on Hitia 17 or Tiki 21

What is the best position of the stub mast when using a crab claw rig on Hitai 17 or Tiki 21. Are there any guidelines ? Is it matter of weight balance ?

It seems to me that the shorts sub by mast could be placed more forward, perhaps all the way on the front crossbeam.

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Hi Hendrik,

please have a look at :



Great link, thanks, really gave me an idea of what it will look like - lots to think about

i had engineered a crab claw for the tiki 21 with the crane/mast mounted on the forebeam with an 8 degree aft rake. This allowed me to move the crab pincer to the  very bow of each hull in turn on the appropriate tack. By being able to adjust the crab pincer to the very bow you can adjust the CE at will.


Greetings, we sailed for two seasons with a Crab Claw rig on our Hitia 17. Tried on the front beam first which did not work so well. Found it to work much better right were the regular mast goes. We could jibe on a dime but tacking was difficult until we made a small jib and then tacking worked fine. We used a super simple method for stepping the stub mast that completely left the original design as is for using the stock sail. I can hunt down a few pictures if you would like. Cheers.

Hey Bill & Houston,

I for one would be interested in photos if you have them.  We're testing out a few crab claw sails on a Hitia 17 in Seattle over the next month...

Here's a 7 m^2 crab claw on a bipod mast:

We tried the mast without rake and raked forward about 20 degrees.  The latter made tacking easier...  Performance data coming soon, but we basically got 3 kts close hauled, 5 on a beam reach, 7 on a broad reach in 20 knots steady wind.


Scott in Seattle



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