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Hi all.

I've found a tiki 30 for sale and considering to buy it but, the boat wasn't build by plan and I am much puzzled about the engineering and structural strength. The boat is made of fiberglass over foam. Problem 1) There are 7 aluminium beams 100 mm x 50 mm rectangular hollow section 6 mm wall, 4' x 2' x ¼. fiberglassed straight to the hulls, three of them are also bolted. My concern here is that the aluminium covered by the glassing cannot be checked and aluminium oxide could form unseen and deplete the strength of the beams. Is the section of this beams adequate?

Problem 2) the beam at the bow holding the trampoline is made of a 50mm diameter pipe, 2'. It seems to me that this pipe is too small and will crash at the very first time the bows dip in and scoop water up. Right or wrong?

Problem 3) at the stern, a board has been placed across from hull to hull, half way up from the WL to the beam in order to facilitate boarding. Wouldn't this board splash hard on the water when the boat is pitching?

Any suggestions are much appreciated.


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ask for the history of the boat..... has it been in the water (blue water) and sailed some miles... did it do any real offshore sailing... 

if yes and the boat proved that it is strong and seaworthy. than go for it... if you can not find anything out about this. than you have to step back or buy the "cat in the sack" we say in germany.... plan or not plan.... many boats are build in different ways and not to plans. that does not mean that they do not work...

 good luck



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