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Hi all builders...

I'm restoring wharram Tane, build 1980 here in Finland, I thing it's Tane, you can look at? I mail to wharram to ask beam plans, no reply so far. And gentlemen who build this wharram, past away few years ago, and his family probably throw plans away, try to find but no luck. I sanded old rotten beam and it look same than attached picture. Can you tell me what kind of wood to use on beams? Need to build front 2 beams. Sorry if bad english...Sami

BR to all...

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add pics.


Hi Sami

I have a Pahi 31 the beams on mine were rotted also. The original were hollow box beams out of mohagany at 14' 6". I made new I beams from Wharram beam plans that I purchased. I made these from doglas fir, marine plywood and epoxy using no screws or nails only gluing and clamping. Also I expanded the beam to 17' 6". Pictures are in my photo albums.

Hope this helps



Thank you Greg.

I decided to order plans from wharram, i think thats best way. Your Pahi looks great. 

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