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i didn't found any discussion here about the topic so i would like to place it here. I am sorry because this is a builders site not a sailing one. but i would like to ask the experienced wharram owners from this site about this subject.


I am planning the upgrading of my Tiki 38 to cruise around the world. Since its my first Wharram I would like to know what the storm tactics are and what the required or preferred equipment is.


i am planning in getting a storm jib (what cloth and size??) ,and  a sea anchor ( 6' or 8' from naval surplus only $35 ) with 300' long rode (maybe the anchoring rode?).


my other question is what your experience is facing heavy weather, a gale or even harder winds. anyone can tell me about the 'hove to' maneuver having 2 masts? It works great on sloop rigged mono hulls.




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ann, neville, hello.

what you say is that you stayed 2 and a half days heaving to in sucha  storm and all went well, is it?

so you don't usually run downwind in storms, but hove to? or you ever used sea anchor or drogues?

it's interesting to read that heaving to worked well in the T46 in extreme conditions.

hope the T38 does it too :-)

thanks for your post.




I have to make an explanation to my comment before. There is no way that you have an influence to where you will go to, you just can try to align the boat to the waves.

I think if you are drifting sidewards your hull is reflecting waves and these waves disturb the coming waves. So you will get a “protective area” in front of the boat.

I had this once in a crowded anchorage in Galapagos where we could not leave and we were to close to the land (reef). Big waves were coming in from outside and started to break. Every breaking wave lifted the cat and threw him with full power backwards. This was too much stress to the gear. I got the feeling, that it could not last long and something will break. So I changed the bridle going now from stem to stern, showing the broadside to the waves. This was a crazy thing - but now there were no more breaking waves in front of the catamaran, big waves but no more stress.

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