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Simple inexpensive building shed plans and instructions from the USDA website

while researching a solar project, I came across a USDA website dedicated to the high tunnel agriculture industry. There are detailed instructions with photos and material lists to build the structures. They are very easy to build and can be assembled in a weekend by a couple with little or  no carpentry involved unless extra height is needed by building a simple knee wall


 the ends can be removed in the summer for ventilation or the sides can be rolled up.

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Thank you very much. I've been looking for just this sort of thing for quite a while; either too complex and/or expensive as a kit. Excellent referral and thank you again, great find!

Shaun, If you do a simple 2x4 3 ft high knee wall it will give you all the height you need. The growers just roll up the first 3-4 feet on the sides to ventilate. You can also buy an inexpensive dark mesh to create shade in the summer. Good luck!

I built the strongback for our Tiki 46 first, and then put this pvc tunnel around it. I used rebar pounded into the ground on the outside of the strongback instead of the PVC pipes they showed, and then slipped the pvc framing pieces over the rebar. That way I could keep the "walls"  away from the sides of the strongback so it didn't feel so cramped. I can't attest to how this would hold up in high winds because I actually built this inside of our 60x80 foot barn to create a smaller area to heat in the winter. It worked great and simple to put together.


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