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Hello forum,

Can anyone elucidate on where the standing rigging attaches to the hulls(l mean the distance along the hull edge), as far as the position of the mast is concerned? Is there a formula dictating angles or spacings? I'm putting something along the lines of Wakataitea's rig on my tangaroa and as this whole rigging reality is new to me in general there's probably a bit of guess work in this rig to boot. Any info would be greatly appriciated. 

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Hi Matt, like you, I am not a naval architect. I would be very careful making changes to the shroud positions from the original designs. Worst case scenario, you get the loads on the mast and shrouds wrong, you loose the mast during a big blow and maybe loose your boat and life. As you are combining Wakataitea's rig onto your tangaroa, I would follow the design of the Waka as close as possible. Err on the side of caution.

Thanks for the reply Ben,basically the boat is a clean slate. I have some few details of the waka rig,but alas no mast position or standing rigging position. Im thinking it has to do with center of effort etc,which at this stage l know nothing of!

You may be best off contacting James Wharram Design and get their help with your mast/rigging plans. Buy the Waka plans from them?

I may have to contact them,although they didn't design wakataitea's rig they may have some idea's. As it seem's this thread is unpopular to the forum!

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